"FUEL” is a Song Written by Nathalie Nesh and Ramale Archibald aka  “King Male” with the purpose of supporting and creating consciousness about Mental Health and Self Love in our Communities. Breaking the Stigma about many different Destructive Behaviors and Beliefs created by Society like Inequality, Racism, Body Shaming, Bullying and Homophobia. that unfortunately are leading many people to experience Depression, Addiction, Suicide among other things. This song celebrates Inclusion and embraces every single Human Being, inspiring Unity, Motivation and Healing. 


Nathalie Nesh is a Singer/Songwriter, Artistic Mentor and Vocal Coach that traveled the world starting at a young age. Being multi-cultural (Born in Sweden from a Swedish mother and Peruvian dad) growing up in Spain and living in different places like Peru and the United States made her experience and observe different realities that opened up her compassion and motivated her to dedicate her life to serve. Starting at a very young age, Nathalie would travel with her family to Peru every year for Christmas. There, she got the opportunity to join her Musician Uncle Marco several times performing for families living in very poor communities, kids at orphanages, etc These experiences deeply impacted her from the start, giving her a deeper perspective of different issues and the hardship that exists in the world we live in. Later on in life, the opportunity to work in the United States with kids with disabilities, autism, down syndrome, etc opened up her heart and understanding even more. “Everybody deserves and wants to be treated equally. When we can look at each other’s differences as magic, and learn from them instead of judging and putting people in a box because of their health condition, color, sexual orientation, financial status... that’s when we can understand and admire true beauty, beauty is everywhere and in everyone, and it’s our responsibility to uplift others, helping them break apart from limiting beliefs that create a feeling of unworthiness” 


Nathalie Nesh is developing her Life Purpose as a conscious Artist and Mental Health Advocate by working on her Upcoming Non Profit Organization called “Use it as Fuel” that plans on supporting diverse community projects promoting Education on Mindfulness, Encouraging Creativity and Self Development.