Nathalie Bretoneche “Nathalie Nesh” is a powerful, revolutionary multi-cultural artist. Born in Sweden, her mother’s home country, Nathalie was influenced by her father’s Peruvian roots. Nathalie’s musical talent was discovered early—as a baby she was caught humming the melodies of songs her mother would sing, without missing a note. Musical talent came naturally to her, and the language of music was something Nathalie Nesh didn’t need to study to understand.

Nathalie Nesh began composing her own music when she was only 11 years old. While growing up, she attended “L’Escola de Musica de Cambrils” Music School in Spain, where she learned music theory, sang in choir, played guitar, and briefly danced. Nathalie Nesh—a girl with big hair and big dreams—always knew that music was her destiny. Even at a young age, Nathalie’s supportive family, as well as her community, realized her abundant musical abilities.

When Nathalie Nesh was 17 years old, her family decided to make the big move to the United States—and in Miami, Florida, her music career truly took flight. After being accepted into a high school music magnet program, she continued developing her talent in college while training with renowned vocal coach Jose Miguel Velasquez, recipient of two BMI Awards and a Latin Grammy Award, who has coached artists such as Shakira, Ricky Martin, and Gloria Estefan. Under the wings of this legendary vocal coach, Nathalie Nesh further developed her vocal ability, and caught the attention of the music industry, labels, producers, and local venues where she soon started performing. Nathalie Nesh wrote and produced her first album in 2009 next to notorious producer Owen “Ruddy” Knight, and renowned vocal producer and vocal coach Anita Wilson.

After Nathalie Nesh produced her first album, opportunities could hardly stop knocking on her door—opportunities that landed her on “Swedish Idol” reality competition talent show, giving her exposure around the world.  Later, while living in New York, in addition to recording radio commercials and jingles, Nathalie Nesh performed the vocals for a song featured in the famous Peruvian TV series “Ana Cristina”. After being accepted into “La Voz Peru” reality talent show, Nathalie moved to Lima, Peru to perform in local music venues and work on original songs with renowned music producer Edu Olive. All the while, Nathalie Nesh recorded background vocals for distinguished artists and presented her work on radio stations. Needless to say, Nathalie’s internet presence skyrocketed, and her online videos gained thousands of views.

After living in Peru, Nathalie Nesh moved back to her current home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she continues to perform and is focused on her career as a songwriter and vocal coach. She was overjoyed to have received the opportunity to work for “Christi Academy,” a school that specializes in teaching children with special needs, such as Autism and Down Syndrome. There, Nathalie Nesh provides music therapy sessions that awaken children’s senses.

Additionally, Nathalie Nesh has been a coach at the esteemed “All that Jazz” School in Sunrise, Florida, and has founded a respected online music school, “Vocal Coaching Online.” Having recently performed in Los Angeles, California, Nathalie is currently developing new material for other artists, as well as for her own performances.

Nathalie Nesh’s diverse experiences, as well as her talent and intellect—Nathalie Nesh speaks five languages—distinguish her as an artist, an inspirational motivator, and a true believer that dreams do come true.

In her own words, Nathalie Nesh “is all about positivity and planting a seed of love” in everything she does. Nathalie knows that “the gift of music comes with the responsibility to do my best to inspire the world.”

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